Welcome to St.Timothy's
Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who is Welcome in the Episcopal Church?  All are welcome to particiapte in our worship because it is in worship that we find our life as a Christian family together. Anyone can join an Episcopal congregation who desires to follow Christ.
  • What is an Episcopalian?  A person who belongs to the Episcopal Church is called an "Episcopalian"." The word "Episcopal" means a church that is governed by bishops.
  • Do you have to be an Episcopalian to go to an Episcopal Church?  No. All people are welcome regardless of background. Many of our members come to us from other faith traditions, or without a faith background of any kind. 
  • Can My Children attend?  Yes! Children of all ages—and that does include those who wiggle and make noise—are welcome in  our worship services at St. Timothy's. In addition we offer a Sunday School during the first half of the 10:00 AM service, which some children choose to attend.  For the second half of the service, when we share Holy Communion, the children return from Sunday School to join their families in Church and participate in communion.
  • How will I know what's going onSometimes, coming to a new church can be confusing.  At St. Timothy's, you don't have to worry about "making a mistake" or doing the wrong thing.  There are times when we usually sit, stand, or kneel, but different people participate in worship in different ways, and that is just fine!  The words of our services are projected on a screen for all to see and follow along or you may find the service in The Book of Common Prayer, which you will take from a little shelf in your pew.